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Inspired by tradition

Following our family’s tradition and respect for the miraculous Greek soil that was nurtured by 5 generations of farmers, we created Olive Bloom.

Olive Bloom extra virgin olive oil is extracted by the very famous Koroneiki olive variety known for its nutritional value and health benefits.

Olive Bloom envisions to become the top retailer for extra virgin olive oil. After a century and a half of being one of the dominant wholesalers of Koroneiki olive variety in Peloponnese, Greece, the new generation of farmers expands to the retail market.


The values of the past meet the demands of the future and they blend in harmoniously.

This is how Olive Bloom originated.

Happy Farmer


From the tree to your table

Olive Bloom moto is ‘Nature’s finest ingredients’.

Our land in Messinia, Peloponnese is  blessed to be located in one of the most fertile grounds for olive tree cultivations globally. This is not enough, though, for producing olive oil of high quality. Planting, watering, fertilization, olive oil production and standardization are equally important and we serve the needs of the olive oil production in all phases of its life cycle.

It all starts with proper conditions for planting. Especially for the Koroneiki variety, the recommended planting distances are 7 × 7 meters, about 20 olive trees per acre so that the tree roots can grow strong.

During the vegetative phase in the spring and the olive flower growth in August, we pay special attention to the soil humidity. So far, our plantations have been blessed by Messinia’s climate conditions and the irrigation needs were low. 

Along with irrigation, we ensure proper fertilization with soil enrichment with nutrients and organic matter. All natural, all organic!


Our people in Olive Bloom are trained to look after the olive tree plantations and adjust everything according to soil characteristics, age and size of the trees.

In November, the trees are harvested and the magic happens in the oil mill!

Olive Oil Bottles

The olive fruit is separated from the leaves as we are aiming at producing olive oil that tastes great and has high nutrient value.

Leaves make olive oil bitter and they enrich it with chlorophyll which has a negative impact on its quality. After the olives are washed, they go through the process of grinding and separation of the core with the help of a centrifuge. The core is redundant as it can provide us only with low quality oil.

After these processes are completed, the oil is further refined and ready for standardization.

At the last stage of the production cycle, we send the olive oil for the proper analysis and acidity measurent. If the outcome is ‘extra virgin olive oil’ ,we know that our hard work all year round has paid off! We have the premium quality olive oil that is suitable for your daily  needs!


Olive Bloom Extra Virgin Olive Oil!